Fuzzy Membership Funciton Input & Ouput Plots in R

This script has a function that produces FIS input and output plots (as a *.pdf) based on the x,y coordinates of each membership function.     

What do you need to run the script?

  • A basic working knowledge of R (i.e., you know how to open a script, highlight code, and run it). 
  • Note the script will not take an *.fis as input. The input is a *.csv and at present it will need to be formatted the same as the exFIS.csv which can be found in the FIS_mfPlot.zip.  The 'Step 1' video tutorial walks through the steps of formatting the *.csv based on an *.fis.  This step requires an ability to 'read' an *.fis and a fundamental understanding of FIS membership function parameters and shape.      
  • There are five arguments you will need to define in the beginning of the script before running it:
    • data.in:      Filepath to formatted fis *.csv file
    • plot.title:    Title of plot.
    • plot.width:  Plot width in inches
    • plot.height: Plot height in inches
    • plot.out:      Ouput *.pdf filepath

In the  FIS_mfPlot.zip you will find:

  •  Lemhi_TS_2Input_PD_SLP.fis - FIS example is based on
  • exFIS.csv - Example of how input data needs to be formatted
  • fisMFPlot.R - R script
  • exFISPlot.pdf - Example output