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Add to Display Geoprocessing Outputs


The 'Add results of geoprocesing opperations to the display' option under the Display / Temporary data of the Geoprocessing Options is toggled from its default 'On' position to 'Off'. Then whenever any geoprocessing (i.e. ArcToolbox) commands are run, the results are not automatically added to the display in the table of contents. Problem and workaround(s) are described in video:


The GCD software performs many ArcToolbox geoprocessing calls in the background as part of nearly all the GCD features. The GCD always disables the geoprcoessing environment setting to "add outputs to map" before it performs all of these operations so that it has control over how outputs are handled. The GCD makes no attempt to enable adding outputs to the map after it has completed its processing.


  1. To add the results of a geoprocessing call to the display, open up the Results dialog, expand the geoprocessing command, and right click on the output and click 'Add to Display'.
  2. To turn switch back on so these add by default, go to Geoprocessing Options and check on 'Add results of geoprocesing opperations to the display'. Note that this may get toggled back by GCD.

Both are described in the above video.


Fix bug in future release: Track the users existing setting for the "add outputs to the map" before any GCD processing is performed and then revert the setting to this state when the GCD has finished its operations.