New Project

The Create New Project dialog is where you create a new project by specifying the following information: 
  • Project Name (required): This is any descriptive name that you want to give to the project. Spaces and special characters can be used.
  • Output file directory (required): This is where the project files will be stored. All inputs loaded through the Survey Library will be copied and/or created in the 'Inputs' folder, whereas all outputs will be stored in the 'Analyses' folder.
  • Output XML directory (optional): By default, this is the same as the Output file directory (recommended), but you can optionally choose where the *.gcd project XML file is stored.
  • Description (optional): This is an optional field where you can save any additional information about your project.

This video walks through the creation of a new project using the Create New Project dialog and shows what files and folders are created as a result of this process.

When project XML file (*.gcd) gets created, these are the XML tags that get populated in the project: